Ventura College Foundation Provided $696,095 In Direct Student Support During 2020-2021 Academic Year

Despite pandemic challenges, the Ventura College Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides resources and financial assistance to Ventura College students and school programs, distributed $696,095 in direct student financial support during the 2020-2021 academic year and another $871,749 to 28 Ventura College programs across 17 department and divisions.

"This past academic year was like no other for students and their families, college leadership, faculty and staff, donors and the foundation," says Anne Paul King, Ventura College Foundation executive director. "Despite everything, the foundation was able to build its financial reserves while distributing over $1.5 million in student and school program aid."

The foundation awarded 400 scholarships (including 8 new scholarships) to 228 applicants. Its lending library and veterans' textbook program provided textbooks to 602 students including 53 veterans.

According to Ventura College data, 55 percent of the college's 10,000-student population are classified as extremely low income or low income and 18 percent are housing insecure. Twenty-eight percent sought assistance from the college's Basic Needs Office, which helps students with food and housing.

"Because of the effects of the pandemic, we saw the number of students in economic crisis growing," says King. "The foundation responded by redirecting some of its fundraising efforts to raise more than $19,000 to help support students with their basic living expenses. When these needs are met, we know students can better focus on their academic studies. We are so grateful to our donors. Their strong commitment to education is building a stronger and brighter future for VC students and our community."

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