Students walking and talking

VC Foundation Student Support is Available for Spring 2022! Socially distanced in-person support is available for students with a wristband and full-mask coverage. Zoom appointments are available by request.  Contact Jaimee Galvan by email or phone (805) 289-6161.

VCF Student Ambassadors


To enhance the experience of each and every Ventura College student by expanding the reach of Ventura College Foundation programs on campus, sparking meaningful connections with the community, and developing a cohort of future loyal alumni.

Student ambassadors are involved in:

  • Increasing awareness of VC Foundation programs on campus
  • Providing feedback on experience with VCF programs
  • Engaging donors during campus tours, special events, etc.
  • Developing a spirit of philanthropy among VC students and alumni

For more information please contact Jaimee Galvan at or 805-289-6161

Student Ambassadors
Miriam Schwab playing Violin


A beloved local philanthropist, passionate classical music champion, and long-time supporter of Ventura College, Miriam Emily Schwab passed away at ...
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Teresa Housley

Teresa Housley:

A TALE OF RECOVERY, REINVENTION & INSPIRATION Teresa Housley’s life has taken an incredible series of twists and turns. From ...
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Giovani Bautista

Giovani Bautista: VC Promise Spotlight

FROM VENTURA COLLEGE TO CAL BERKELEY TO USC Giovani Bautista can remember a time not too long ago when life ...
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