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Getting Started

There are a number of ways for students at Ventura College to receive support towards the pursuit of their educational and career goals. The Ventura College Foundation backs several programs that are designed to provide both direct and indirect support for Ventura College students. These programs include the Textbook Lending Library, Veterans Textbook Support, and an array of scholarships.

Veterans Textbook Program

The Jerry Arellano Veteran Resource Center Library provides textbook stipends for U.S. veteran students and dependents of veterans.


More than 400 scholarships are available to Ventura College students who would benefit from the financial support and are ready and able to achieve their goals.

Textbook Support

The David P. Bianco Textbook Lending Library is a program where students can check out one textbook to use for an entire semester, at no cost to them. The Reserve Collection allows students to check out textbooks for a couple of hours while at the Library and has a copy of every textbook in use each semester.

VC Promise

VC Promise establishes a statewide Promise program that waives tuition fees for qualified first-year community college students who can now attend two consecutive school years at Ventura College tuition-free.

Equity and Anti-racism

Ventura College Foundation is committed to ensuring that Ventura College is a safe and welcoming campus for students of all abilities, races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations and that every student is afforded equitable opportunities to succeed. Learn about the many ways we are working to close opportunity gaps and ensure success for all students!

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Anti-racism Statement:

Get Involved!

If you’ve benefited from any of the Foundation's programs, our Student Ambassador Program is a great way to share the difference it’s made in your life with other students!