40 Years of Making Dreams Come True

Since 1983, the Ventura College Foundation has been committed to removing financial barriers so Ventura College students can pursue their educational dreams. Over the years, the Foundation has raised nearly $48 million for Ventura College and its students. During this time, our board and staff leadership have been trailblazers, which made the Foundation one of the finest and most successful in the state.

That’s what we do, but that’s only the first line of the story.

What we actually do is empower and support Ventura College students' lives daily. Opening doors that students were afraid were closed to them forever. By breaking down financial barriers for those who are the first in their family to attend college, re-entry students, veterans, or single parents struggling to pay their bills. By standing beside every student so that they are afforded equitable opportunities to succeed.

This year, we celebrate the individual successes of Ventura College students alongside the decades of board leadership that has had a mission to assist students with their educational dreams. Forty years means tens of thousands of students have been impacted by the Foundation’s programs and our donors' philanthropic generosity. Millions of dollars have been awarded to students focused on gaining an education that could help them rise from poverty or achieve the future they always dreamed of.

So, to every student we have ever helped, thank you for your tenacity and dedication to your education. Thank you for the good things you are now sowing into your families, our workforce, and communities. It’s been an honor to be part of your journey, and we look forward to decades more of putting students’ dreams at the center of our mission.

To every donor that has ever supported us, we thank you for your investment and belief in our work with students. Thank you for celebrating with us during many exciting moments and standing by us in our darkest days. It’s a privilege to count you as part of our family. We know the best is yet to come- TOGETHER.

Event Program

3 Ways to Get Involved

We invite our Ventura College community to get involved with the celebration.

Share a Memory

This year the Foundation is turning 40… but in 2025, Ventura College will be celebrating its 100th anniversary! That century represents tens of thousands of lives changed by the power of education.

Whether you are staff, retired, a former board member, a student, or an alumni find an old photo, tell us who you are, and write a few lines about your time at Ventura College.  How has Ventura College or the Ventura College Foundation impacted, influenced, or changed your life or the life of someone you know?  What type of support have you received from the VC Foundation while at Ventura College?  Do you have any old photos of the Foundation, like pictures of scholarship awards, former board members, or graduates who benefitted from a scholarship?

The collected remembrances may be added to the College's official archives.

We’d love for you to become part of the VC Foundation's and Ventura College’s history by sharing a little of yours.

Support Our Mission

For the past 40 years, thousands of students received mission-critical support via the scholarships, programs, and campus support we administer.  We shepherd our resources with strategy and wisdom to support what is, at its core, human potential. In honor of our 40th Anniversary, please accept my gift to benefit the Fund for Ventura College (Greatest Needs). Thank you!

Get Social

When you share about the Ventura College Foundation on your social media channels – whether it’s your own thoughts or just sharing one of our posts – you help us get the word out to students who may need us and potential donors who may support us. We really appreciate it!

40th Anniversary Sponsors

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Bill & Elise Kearney 
Richard Taylor, ESQ. & Kris Taylor
John L. Woolley Ed.D. & Sharon Watts Woolley