INFORMATION AS OF September 23, 2021


Face coverings are recommended for non-vaccinated customers and vendors. Thank you for your cooperation and support to keep our community safe.

COVID-19 Marketplace Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.

As of June 15, 2021, the State of California has moved beyond the Blueprint for A Safer Economy, and the Weekend Marketplace will be returning to usual operations over the next several weeks.  At this time:

  • Social distancing is no longer required between customers and vendors
  • Vendor booth distancing will remain in effect until booth spaces can be restriped in the coming weeks
  • Customer capacity limits are no longer required
  • Face covering are no longer required for admittance; however, face coverings are recommended for non-vaccinated vendors and customers
  • All Marketplace employees will be required to follow Cal/OSHA, Ventura County Public Health, and the Ventura County Community College District’s COVID Guidelines

For our customer's safety, we encourage seniors, individuals with compromised immune systems, or persons with mobility issues to visit the Marketplace on Saturdays or on Sundays between 8:00 a.m. (opening) and 9:00 a.m. when fewer guests are in attendance.

NEW! Used Merchandise & Small Packaged Snacks Now Allowed

Marketplace vendors with used merchandise will be welcomed back to sell on Saturdays Only 

Current vendors who have been selling new merchandise on Sundays are allowed to add used items to their sale offerings

All vendors are now allowed to sell small packaged candy, chips, and snacks

NEW!  As of June 11th, Four Marketplace Food Vendors Have Returned

We want to thank the four food trucks that returned the weekend of June 11th. It’s great to have you back!

Food trucks will continue to set up outside of the temporary fencing. No table set up will be allowed at this time, but customers are now able to picnic on the nearby campus patio tables or on the grass areas outside of the Marketplace fencing.

Additional food & snack vendors will be welcomed back in the coming weeks once we are able to reconfigure our vendor space layout and update Marketplace booth markings. Thank you for your patience!

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To All Ventura College Foundation Marketplace Vendors and Staff,

On behalf of the Ventura College Foundation Board of Directors, staff, and the students that we help, we thank you. Together, we have done what some thought was impossible, the Ventura College Foundation and its Marketplace are alive and continue despite this year of extreme challenges to our business.

We want to offer our deep gratitude for the vendors who have been with us and supported us during the last 12 months. The Ventura College Foundation and the Marketplace would not be open today without the commitment and sacrifices that each of you have made to keep the Marketplace going. Thank you so much!

We want to commend Esmeralda Juarez, Marketplace Supervisor, and her exceptional Marketplace staff for their hard work, long hours, reduced income, time away from family, courage, and deep commitment to make sure that the Marketplace survived so that we supported as many vendors and students that we could.

Each of the Marketplace Supervisor’s operational decisions have been reviewed and approved by the executive director to ensure that we strictly followed ever-changing COVID safety protocols and compliance laws. We followed the changing laws carefully, worked together to correct problems, and met new challenges immediately. Throughout the pandemic, we have worked closely with the Ventura College Board of Directors, Ventura College leadership, City and County safety officials, and law enforcement.

We are the only swap meet in Ventura County that stayed open during the last 12 months. Our Marketplace Supervisor, staff, and vendors made this possible every day. Thank you!

The pandemic is not over.  Even though face coverings are no longer required for admittance; face coverings are recommended for non-vaccinated vendors and customers. All Marketplace employees will be required to follow Cal/OSHA, Ventura County Public Health, and the Ventura County Community College District’s COVID Guidelines.

With our new solar panels and the challenges that we have faced in the last year, the Marketplace must make some permanent changes and grow in new directions. We thank every vendor who works in partnership with our supervisor and staff to make the Marketplace a thriving family destination and a place of peace and respect. Thank you to those of you who offer kind suggestions and help, too. We welcome a spirit of cooperation and support at the Marketplace.

Our challenges are not over but the future is more positive every day.

With gratitude,

Anne Paul King, Executive Director

Rob van Nieuwburg, Chair of the Board of Directors




Award notifications have officially gone out! Students were notified whether or not they've been selected as a scholarship recipient on Tuesday, April 20th via their Ventura College email address as well as their personal email address if provided.


As we do every year, the VC Foundation is looking forward to celebrating our spring 2021 scholarship awardees, the donors who make the awards possible, and the sponsors of our celebratory plans. Join us for the VC Foundation’s Spring 2021 Scholarship Awarding Week of Celebration to take place Monday, May 10th through Friday, May 14th.

Throughout this very special week we will launch videos with messages of congratulations to awardees from Ventura College leadership, Ventura College Foundation leadership, and sponsors as well as messages of gratitude from scholarship awardees. These videos will be shared on our social media, our celebratory web page (, through email e-blasts, and more.

You can help us celebrate by liking, sharing, and/or commenting on our social media posts. Make sure you’re following us on our social media platforms:

We are so appreciative of all of our generous donors who make these scholarship awards possible. The financial and emotional support your scholarships provide are critical to the success of our students. Thank you.

Finally, I’d like to thank our generous sponsors for make our celebratory plans possible including Edison International, Miracle Mile Advisors, Citizen’s Business Bank, Searle Creative, and Bank of the Sierra.


Ventura College Learning Resource Center

To access online resources from the Ventura College Learning Resource Center including library chat, free online resources, library resources and library guides click here. 

Ventura College Student Resource List

Provided by Ventura College Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Damien Pena, this list includes updates and resources for VC students including distance learning, Laptop lending, Wifi access, Zoom, mental health resources, financial aid, addmissions and records, academic counseling, online toutoring, Basic Needs Office, Pirates Cove, First Year Experience, Student Activities & ASVC.

To view the document click here. 

From the Foundation's Executive Director, Anne Paul King
Video Transcript

00:03 [Music]
00:12 Everyone this is Anne Paul King your
00:15 executive director of the Ventura
00:16 College Foundation I wanted to reach out
00:19 to you from my new virtual office and my
00:21 daughter's old bedroom I hope that you
00:24 are safe healthy and finding some joy my
00:29 staff is working hard to transform
00:30 student lives through education by
00:32 providing vital resources through your
00:34 investment of financial support so thank
00:37 you so much this continues though our
00:39 spring scholarship awarding events have
00:41 been canceled we are awarding all
00:43 scholarships that were secured prior to
00:45 the crisis such good news especially at
00:47 this important time students faculty and
00:51 staff and put Ventura College into a
00:53 virtual world and the Ventura College
00:55 Foundation Board held its first board
00:58 meeting via teleconference where we
01:00 heard Jamie Humana black occurrence to
01:02 Haddie went the educational assistant
01:05 center coordinator Arbor Flores
01:07 Performing Arts costume instructor and
01:09 also our dr. cam Hawkins Ventura College
01:13 president share stories of successful
01:15 changes and efforts to overcome
01:17 challenges on campus I loved hearing
01:20 that Jamie's online anthropology classes
01:22 ones and that she continues to be
01:24 inspired by the donors of her three
01:27 Ventura College Foundation scholarships
01:28 as they have just as helped realize her
01:32 potential
01:33 we laughed when opera described that her
01:36 virtual classroom rules of conduct now
01:39 require that every student show up on
01:41 video the dress
01:44 president Hopkins asked chief for
01:47 feedback on the campuses virtual
01:49 academic counseling program power of
01:53 education continues to transform lives
01:55 at Ventura College so maybe you would
01:57 like to sign up for a summer course go
01:59 ahead just go to the campus website and
02:02 they can help you that the Ventura
02:05 College Foundation has run the weekend
02:07 marketplace in the eastern parking lot
02:09 of main campus every weekend for the
02:11 last 35 years until revenue from the 400
02:15 vendors has paid 100 percent of our
02:19 operating costs for years 100 percent of
02:22 your scholarship promise and textbook
02:24 lending donations served our students
02:27 directly I have a deep sense of
02:29 gratitude for a markedly SAP our vendors
02:32 and our customers who have been 100%
02:35 responsible we're enabling our
02:37 foundation to exist and part however due
02:41 to Cogan 19 weekend marketplace has been
02:45 suspended for weeks possibly months so
02:50 we have 26 million dollars in assets
02:52 most of that is restricted and cannot be
02:55 used for operations so with the board
02:58 support and a heavy heart I have begun
03:01 to implement a reduction in workforce
03:03 plan
03:05 the skeleton staff that remains you will
03:08 rework our business model and budgets
03:10 small business emergency plans and
03:13 Michael's utilize creative fundraising
03:16 strategies to ensure that our foundation
03:18 is poised to support our hard-working
03:20 students and campus from this crisis is
03:23 over our commitment to the power of
03:26 education remains as strong as ever
03:28 the 13,000 students on campus still 70
03:32 percent are under the poverty line 50%
03:34 are Buddhists 40% are first-generation
03:38 college students in 18% our housing and
03:42 yet bounds graduate 1,000 successfully
03:47 transfer to four-year colleges and
03:50 our work together so I look forward to
03:55 working beautifully and effectively to
03:58 survive displaces and to become much
04:01 more resilient and system I invite you
04:05 to read inspiring stories about the
04:07 transformation students lives and to
04:10 make a donation of support to the fund
04:12 for these at our web page at Ventura
04:16 College Foundation o-r-g
04:20 we'll keep you updated on the crisis on
04:23 our web page as well again that's
04:25 Ventura College Foundation or2 I wish
04:31 you safety I wish in clean hands I wish
04:35 you good social distancing so that we'll
04:38 be back together again in person as soon
04:41 as this crisis is home stay well and
04:43 thank you so much for yourself
04:46 [Music]