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Veterans Textbook Program

Jerry Arellano Veterans Resource Center Library

The Jerry Arellano Veteran Resource Center Library is funded by donors in Ventura County who are passionate about helping veterans excel academically.

This program provides textbook stipends to U.S. veteran students at Ventura College who are reserving their G.I. Bill® education benefits for four-year University education. Eligible students can benefit for a maximum of one academic year or three consecutive semesters at VC.

Students who receive these vouchers are required to donate one of their textbooks to the Jerry Arellano Veteran Resource Center Library located in the Veterans Resource Center each semester while receiving this funding. The goal is to build this lending library and support future VC veteran students.

How Does it Help?

  • Improves the college-going rate among veterans in Ventura County
  • While not required, it encourages full-time enrollment which maximizes a student's opportunity for success
  • As the GI Bill® provides a maximum of 48 months of benefits, it encourages veteran students to reserve their GI Bill® for four-year university education

Who's Eligible?

  • Currently enrolled at Ventura College
  • U.S. Veteran (Includes U.S. National Guard)
  • Not currently using GI Bill® education benefits*
  • Enroll in a minimum of six (6) units at VC
  • Applied for financial aid (FAFSA) and included VC in your application
  • Good Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

*It is especially important to the donors to encourage Veterans to reserve their GI® Bill education benefits for four-year university education. If you are eligible for a benefits chapter that pays your tuition, reserving your benefits can lower the out of pocket costs of an undergraduate degree. If you have specific questions about benefit chapters, VA has detailed information on their website.

How Do I Apply?

To maximize your opportunity to receive the textbook stipends you must:

  • Submit a FAFSA (Include VC on your App)
  • Not be using your G.I. Bill® educational benefits
  • Maintain contact with the VC Financial Aid Office at 805-289-6369.

Eligible students may receive funding for a maximum of three consecutive semesters. Funding will be granted on a pro-rated basis dependent upon how many units an eligible student enrolls in.

  • Full-time students (12+ units): $500/semester
  • ¾-time students (9-11.9 units): $375/semester
  • Part-time students (6-8.9 units): $250/semester

Your eligibility and grant amount will be re-evaluated at different intervals throughout the semesters in which you are receiving support.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my grant?

You will receive your refund 4 to 21 days after a payment appears on your MyVCCCD portal account, depending on the payment method you chose and the date your classes begin. The date noted on your MyVCCCD portal is an internal processing date ONLY. Please be aware this is NOT the disbursement date for your funds. Your payment schedule reflects a full-time enrollment assumption. If you are not enrolled full-time, the amount you will receive will be less and prorated based on your actual enrollment.

Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) has partnered with BankMobile to deliver your financial aid refund. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:

What if I enroll in more units after I receive the funding?

If this enrollment moves you into a new bracket, we will pay you the difference between what you were already paid and what you are eligible for now.

What if I drop a few courses after I receive the funding?

If this keeps you in the bracket you received payment for, there will be no consequence.

If this drops you into a lower bracket, we will invite you to pick up any units needed to remain in the bracket you were in at the time of payment.

  • If you do not pick up any units needed, you will forfeit your ability to receive future funding from this program.

What if I decide to use my G.I. Bill® education benefits after I receive the funding?

If you are certified for G.I. Bill® education benefits, Financial Aid will reach out to you to confirm if you intend to use your education benefits.

  • If chose to receive your G.I. Bill® education benefits, you will forfeit your ability to receive future funding from the Jerry Arellano Veteran Resource Center Library.
  • If you wish to remain in this program, please contact your School Certifying Official by emailing to request your G.I. Bill® certification be cancelled. Please keep in mind that if VA issued you payment for your G.I. Bill® education benefits, a debt may be established on a student by cancelling your certification.

Are there rules as to where I can purchase textbooks with this funding?

You may utilize the VC Bookstore or any other textbook resource that fits with your budget.

Do not, however, rent your textbooks with this funding. Remember that you are required to donate a textbook that you purchased with this funding to the Jerry Arellano Veteran Resource Center Lending Library.

Please contact Scott DeBoer with any questions or for more information.
Email: | Phone: 805.289.6216