Gabriel Fajardo: Student Success


Gabriel Fajardo successfully completed his Ventura College experience.

Hard at work in the classroom, deeply immersed in a 23-credit-unit final semester as he approached the finish line for graduation in 2023, Gabriel took a moment to reflect on how much everything and everyone has meant to him during his time here.

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Summyr Levitoff: Student Success

Summer smiling at the camera

Summyr Levitoff isn’t afraid to admit it. After several previous returns to higher education had stalled out, she was somewhat afraid to return to college. As a mother of three now raising two young children on her own in the wake of their father’s passing, Summyr had real concerns and hesitations.

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Diego Salas: Student Success


Diego Salas is as impressive a 20-year-old young man as you can meet. He helps his mother run her daycare business. He has earned four impactful scholarships from the Ventura College Foundation while attending Ventura College, where graduated on May 19, 2023. He has a crystal clear vision of where he’s headed next (CSU Channel Islands this fall)—and what the ideal future looks like for both him and his fellow Mexican-Americans.

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Isabel Tenison: Student Success


While a student in Ventura, Isabel received the Bill Miller Memorial Scholarship and the Miriam Schwan Memorial Aquatics Scholarship from the Ventura College Foundation. She competed on the women’s water polo team, playing a pivotal role on a team that posted a sparkling 20-7 record during the 2021-2022 season.

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Octavius Licon: Dancing into a New Era

OctaviusLicon web feature

Octavius Licon has seen, been, done, and felt quite a bit in his thirty years. From a foster child to a homeless adult alcoholic to a construction worker to a decorated re-entry student at Ventura College, Octavius’ path has danced and darted around like one of his original performance compositions.

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Xavier Terminello: Hitting Their Stride Thanks to VCF

xavier terminello featureimage

Xavier Terminello is grateful for the many memories, friends, and strides they have made in their two years at Ventura College. But one message stands out above all others to the versatile, energetic, and talented 19-year-old Economics and Psychology major.

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Erick Pina: Phoenix Scholarship

Erick Pina

Erick Pina doesn’t have to think back too long ago to remember his darkest days.

“Just a few years ago, I had no direction and felt like I had no purpose,” remembers Erick.

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