Xavier Terminello: Hitting Their Stride Thanks to VCF

Xavier Terminello is grateful for the many memories, friends, and strides they have made in their two years at Ventura College. But one message stands out above all others to the versatile, energetic, and talented 19-year-old Economics and Psychology major.

“One of the more memorable lessons came from a psychology professor who once told me, ‘Xavier, you grow what you practice,’” remembers Xavier.

Between their work in the classroom, their performance on the track-and-field and cross-country teams, and their time working at the Ventura College Tutoring Center, Xavier truly has their hands (and feet) full of opportunities to practice—and grow. Thanks to the James V. and Idah W. Iliff Memorial Scholarship from Ventura College Foundation, they also have a truly invaluable commodity with which to work: time.

“I’m a student-athlete, so I’m constantly running between practice, to classrooms, office hours,” explains Xavier. “Time is a limiting factor. What the VC Promise and the scholarship did is they freed up some of that time. Instead of working another job, I get to go to practice. Or put in office hours. Or study with friends. Or have another hour or two in the library.”

xavier terminello

Now, the confident and inspiring young student-athlete is hitting their stride in all areas of life. And they're on track to graduate in May with four Associates degrees. From there, Xavier hopes to attend a four-year university and capitalize on all the support from the VC Foundation.

In the meantime, as they finish their academic and athletic career at Ventura College, Xavier continues exploring–and growing–their knowledge and passion. They even see the VC Promise and the opportunities it has afforded them as directly related to their field of studies.

“I’m passionate about how people make decisions—and the behavior related to that,” says Xavier. “This scholarship allows me to focus on my studies. I was able to land an internship. It was really impactful that I had the financial aid from the VC Promise to be able to do that.”

Xavier also knows that there would be no scholarships if it weren’t for the donors who contribute to the Ventura College Foundation. No extra time. No additional support. No deepening opportunity to practice. And grow.

Xavier has a message for them, also.

“I’m really thankful to all the donors who donate to the Ventura College Foundation,” says Xavier. “You have really impacted my career and my life. I came here to learn and I came here to explore my interests. The VC Promise and the scholarship have made coming to college about coming to college. I’m so thankful for all the donors.”