Ventura College Foundation Launches Fundraiser To Ensure Tuition Costs Are Covered Despite State Budget Cuts

The Ventura College Foundation has launched a fundraising effort to support the Ventura College Promise program. The program covers all tuition and fees for eligible students for up to two years. The foundation’s goal is to raise $40,000 by April 30.

Ventura College was the first community college in California to offer a tuition Promise program if students meet certain criteria. For students to be eligible for the current two-year tuition-free education they must be first-time incoming students who attend full-time. The Ventura College Promise served as a model for the creation of the statewide California College Promise Program in 2017 “The funds are needed because state budget cuts caused a shortfall in Promise funding statewide in 2022,” says Anne Paul King, executive director of the Ventura College Foundation. “The foundation’s board of directors wants to be sure the funds will be there for all students who qualify.”

Since it began at Ventura College in 2007, more than $4 million in tuition costs have been covered and close to 20,000 students have been served through the Ventura College Promise. “VC Promise removes the financial barriers to a quality education that many students face and allows them to pursue rewarding careers that benefit their future, their family, and our community,” says Dr. Kim Hoffmans, R.N., president of Ventura College.