Ventura College Foundation Launches Veterans Promise Program

In an effort to improve the college-going rate among veterans and active duty military in Ventura County, the Ventura College Foundation is helping Ventura College students who are U.S. veteran and U.S. active duty military offset the cost of tuition through the William and Helen Scarpino Veterans Promise Program, a four-year pilot program funded by donors who cover the first-year costs of enrollment fees for qualifying students, allowing these students to reserve their GI Bill for university tuition.

“The William and Helen Scarpino Veterans Promise Program allows us to better assist active duty military and veterans with honorable discharges, to transition into civilian life by helping them further their education and successfully pursue their next career,” said Anne King, Ventura College Foundation executive director.

For the 2017/2018 academic year, the William and Helen Scarpino Veterans Promise Program will award approximately $1,200 to 16 veterans. Applications are accepted from Oct. 1 to 31, and awards will be distributed in January 2018.

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